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Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi is an Assistant Professor in the Programming Language and Theory of Computation Section at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. He is a member of the Aleatory Science Team which works on using Probabilistic Programming for problems like Protein Folding. His specialization is working on powerful inference algorithms and optimization for probabilistic programming technology such as Pyro.

He was previously an Industrial Postdoc at Paperflow and Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen, working with Thomas Hamelryck and Fritz Henglein. There, he was working on how to use probabilistic programming to improve the scanning component of Paperflow’s API.

He was previously a PhD Fellow and Postdoc at the IT University of Copenhagen as a part of the Software Quality Research group, under the supervision of Andrzej Wąsowski and Aleksandar Dimovski. His PhD project was about how to practically use programming language techniques to analyze high-level transformation programs. During his PhD, he had a research visit to the Celtique group at INRIA Rennes, working with Thomas Jensen.

He was also recently a contributor to the dependently-typed programming language Idris.


Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi

"Currently working on: Probably programming probabilistic programs for voucher scanning."

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